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Community Support
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The Pokagon Fund Supports the Center for the Homeless Youth Enrichment Program in South Bend.

The Pokagon Fund and the Center for the Homeless have partnered together for the past 6 years on multiple programs serving children and veterans who reside at the Center. Most recently, funding was provided for the “Youth Enrichment Program”, which is an ongoing year- round program for the children and teenagers who temporarily call the Center home.

The Woods Preserve
Chikaming Open Lands Protects 245 Acres of Natural Areas Through Partners In Conservation!

The Partners in Conservation Program is a collaboration between Chikaming Open Lands and The Pokagon Fund to provide funding for land preservation projects. To date, COL has completed 11 projects as part of PCP, protecting approximately 245 acres of natural areas and agricultural lands.

Thank You
La Casa Bilingual Pre-kindergarten Programs receive Funding from The Pokagon Fund

La Casa de Amistad in South Bend serves the Hispanic community within Michiana through educational, cultural and advocacy services within a welcoming, bilingual environment. The Pokagon Fund is happy to support La Casa's bilingual pre-kindergarten program that provides children a high quality, dual language kindergarten readiness program.

Our Focus

Enhancing the lives of the residents in the New Buffalo Area

Enhancing the lives of the residents in Three Oaks, Chikaming and New Buffalo Townships, Dowagiac and Hartford, Michigan as well as South Bend, Indiana.

The Founders of The Pokagon Fund believe that encouraging the development of those communities bordering the Tribal trust land consolidation sites is a wonderful opportunity to create a better place for all of our residents to thrive.

The Pokagon Fund provides strategic grant support to initiatives that help reduce the burden of poverty, strengthen our local schools and student achievement, enhance the success of our residents and provide vital support to our rural communities.

Grants are awarded to charitable organizations, governmental entities and service organizations serving residents in Three Oaks, Chikaming and New Buffalo Townships, Dowagiac and Hartford, Michigan as well as South Bend, Indiana. Although The Pokagon Fund awards grants to South Bend, it no longer accepts unsolicited grants from organizations. Please refer to letter written by The Pokagon Fund Executive Director to South Bend grantees at link below.

The Pokagon Fund has three focus areas for funding: Education, Poverty Reduction and Community Vitality.

Letter to South Bend Grantees

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The Pokagon Fund’s commitment to education is reflected in the award since 2007 of over $2.5 million in grants, including scholarships, to the New Buffalo and River Valley School Systems, representing over 10% of the $23 million that has been awarded by the Fund to date. Consistent with its determination that education is a primary area of greatest need for local residents, the Fund has set as one of its key goals the preparation of our youngest children to have a successful educational experience.

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Poverty Reduction

Statistics reveal that the rates of poverty in Berrien County for both the overall population (17.7%) and for children (26.2%) exceed both national and state levels. Approximately one out of five local families in this area is food insecure. Over 10% of the households in Berrien County have incomes of less than $15,000. The Pokagon Fund has committed to using its resources to provide food to the needy and to help reduce the overall poverty rate by supporting resource and referral services.

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Community Vitality

Fostering Community Vitality involves improving the quality of life, lifting the spirits, and increasing the happiness of a community. As The Pokagon Fund implements its new strategic plan, it will continue to contribute to projects, both large and small, that enrich and enhance the lives of Harbor Country® residents. These may range from larger collaborative efforts with our local municipalities to participate in the building of parks and expand conservation areas to smaller projects that enhance the local capacity of the area. The Pokagon Fund has been and will remain a vital element in the enrichment of the lives of those it serves.