Hannah's Scholarship Story
Hannah 2016 Scholarship

My name is Hannah Henrichsen, and I received the Pokagon Fund Scholarship in May during my senior year of high school at River Valley. The night I received it was my Senior Awards night. Earning the Pokagon Fund Scholarship that night was like a dream come true. I applied for the scholarship because I had dreams of attending college and furthering my education. College tuition is costly yet incredibly valuable, especially since I was planning on attending an esteemed four-year university. Since receiving such a high honor and incredible scholarship, I became a full-time student at Grand Valley State University, and have already completed the first semester of my freshman year. 

With the help of the Pokagon Fund Scholarship, I have and will be able to attend college with less of a financial burden. I have dreamed of college since I was a little girl, my family and I even saving for as long as I can remember. Now that I am growing up, and am a college student just as I had always dreamed of being, I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree and will further my learning to reach my goal of entering the field of Physical Therapy. I knew that the qualities, values, interests, and strengths that I have would lead me to success in an occupation that involved science and helping others. My entire life, I have been surrounded with loving, caring, and interesting people who have impacted me, as well as many lovely role models.  

From what I have been taught through my education at River Valley, and life lessons from my family and friends, I hope to help this world in any way I can. My goals are big, and the road before me is long and challenging, however the Pokagon Fund Scholarship has helped to propel me in the right direction by aiding in my attendance to an esteemed university, where I will further my education and reach one of my life goals of having a strong and helpful career.