Evan's Scholarship Story
Evan Scholarship

I received the Pokagon scholarship in the spring of 2015, and it has proved invaluable in aiding me in affording my education. This scholarship has allowed me both to attend the school of my choice, Albion College, and obtain an outstanding education.

At Albion, I am an active member in the colleges Living-Learning Community (LLC) program, in which a group of like-minded students live together with certain learning objectives in mind. I have, along with some of my fellow students, created the Wendell Berry House for a sustainable food community. Our mission is to both raise awareness for the positive results of participating in one’s local food economy, as well as attempting to create a community of students who act as a model for that. We can, freeze, and otherwise preserve the majority of our food, and have community meals 4-5 times a week. We tend a thriving plot at the Albion College student farm. However, living in the LLC does cost more than living in a normal residence hall dormitory.

To this end, the Pokagon scholarship has enabled me to explore my passion—food and agriculture—through the LLC, while simultaneously receiving a great education. Living in the LLC, made possible by the Pokagon Fund, has enabled me to explore both deeply and fully what it means to eat locally and be a part of one’s local food economy. In doing so, I am better equipped to meet the challenges my hometown, Three Oaks, faces in creating a local food economy. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that the Pokagon fund has created for me.