Courtney's Scholarship Story

My name is Courtney and I am a non-traditional student. I go to school online through the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, majoring in Women's and Gender Studies. This route of education allows me the flexibility I need to work and plan for other things, and having this scholarship is making a huge difference in the ability to focus on my goals, and not stress as much about finances. I graduated from New Buffalo in 2010, and since then my education has felt very "stop and go," it is not easy being a student of higher education when the funding is just no there.

 Women's and Gender Studies is a very broad interdisciplinary degree, and much of what I am learning applies to our every day social and political climate. I hope that what I learn will be applied to a job in the future, where I can help women and marginalized groups, succeed. There is a need for this in the world, including our own country, and local area, as well. I've heard the call, and I want to be there to answer it. 

I am so grateful for The Pokagon Fund for enabling me to finish my degree, after taking a few years off and focusing on working and saving money and honing my goals. When I made the decision to go back to school, I knew I would need to find alternative ways to pay for my tuition, due to the burden of student loans I already face. Without this scholarship, I was afraid that I would once again have to put my studies on hold.