After years of steady decline in Michigan’s national rankings, the Board of Education for the State of Michigan announced in 2016 that it has begun its work “focusing on building Michigan into a Top 10 education state over the next 10 years.”  State Superintendent for Education, Brian J. Winston, stated that achieving this goal is a “vital, if not an easy task and will take the collaboration of everyone in Michigan to make it happen.”  The Pokagon Fund intends to continue to be a part of that collaborative effort and to use its resources effectively to improve education in its service area. 

Since its grant program began in 2007, The Pokagon Fund has awarded over $2.5 million in support of education, including scholarships, to the New Buffalo and River Valley School Systems, representing over 10% of the $23 million that has been awarded by the Fund to date. Although committed to its traditional support for student and adult scholarships and other school activities, the Fund will in the future also focus on preparing our youngest children for their educational experience with the goal of overcoming the limitations caused by poverty and a lack of adequate childhood care.

Education Sections:

Kindergarten Readiness
Third Grade Literacy
Improved Instructional Practice
High School Scholarships
Adult Scholarship Program