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“What would we have done without The Pokagon Fund?” “What a difference The Pokagon Fund has made for all of us in Harbor Country and beyond!” These sentiments are widespread.  They reflect the gratefulness and, indeed, the wonder felt by so many who see and are touched every day by the results of The Pokagon Fund’s support for hundreds of worthwhile projects during the past ten years. Born amidst controversy, The Pokagon Fund provided a unique response to those who questioned the introduction of the gaming industry into the New Buffalo area.  Working in partnership with the Pokagon Band of the Potawatomi, The Pokagon Fund has striven to fulfill its mission to enhance the lives of the residents of Harbor Country®, Dowagiac and Hartford, Michigan and South Bend, Indiana and its vision that all residents who live in areas surrounding the Pokagon Tribal Lands will thrive.

The cornerstone of the good works undertaken by The Pokagon Fund has been Community Vitality. Fostering Community Vitality means so much more than improving the economy of Harbor Country®, as important as that is. Community Vitality means improving the quality of life, lifting the spirits, and increasing the happiness of a community. By any measure, The Pokagon Fund has accomplished that goal. 

As the Fund implements its new strategic plan, promoting Community Vitality remains the heart and soul of its efforts and is tied integrally with the goals of poverty reduction and education enhancement. The Fund will continue to contribute to projects, both large and small, that enrich the lives of residents residing within the consolidation sites. These may range from larger collaborative efforts with our local municipalities to participate in the building of parks and expand conservation areas to smaller projects that enhance the local capacity of the area. The Pokagon Fund has been and will remain a vital element in the enrichment of the lives of those it serves.  Since inception of the Fund, the city of Hartford has received over $800,000 in grant awards, Dowagiac has been awarded $1 million in funding and South Bend has received over $900,000.

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